A Very Exciting December in 5th Class!

December 20, 2023

By Lisa

December 2023 has been a very exciting month in 5th Class at St. Joseph’s Primary School…

Lena won two prizes in the Credit Union Art Competition!

“On the 15th of December we made butterfly cupcake’s with butter icing in school using Méabh‘s recipe. The cupcakes tasted so good! We also had a 5th Class Variety show in class: we have so many talents, there were singers, instruments were played, jokes were told and much more!” written by Anna

Bríd and Edel won a hamper in our school Christmas class raffle!

We did an online Storytelling workshop with Liz Weir.

We loved reading again with the Senior Infants!

Have you seen our moonlit, snow people snow globes?



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